The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond

5101 Monument Avenue, Suite 105
Richmond, VA 23230
United States
Phone: 804-355-7282


The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond (TSCOR) (“tee-score”) is a nonprofit, nondenominational organization for service and education.  Founded in 1984 by Reverend Robert S. Seiler, TSCOR provides lifelong learning programs and volunteer service opportunities for older adults in the Richmond metro area.  We are the local affiliate of the Shepherd’s Center of America; a national network whose mission empowers older adults to use their wisdom and skills for the good of their communities.

Vision, Mission, Values

Vision:  Older adults helping one another stay active, independent and engaged.

Mission: TSCOR encourages older adults to remain active and independent through enrichment programs and volunteer service to their peers.

Values: We believe in the potential of older adults to teach, learn, grow and give back to our community. We recognize the significant health benefits of remaining  active and avoiding social isolation. We serve the aging community with respect and compassion. We value the bonds we form with others through classes, travel and volunteering. We manage our resources efficiently and effectively. We seek to be welcoming, inclusive, and diverse.

Our Programs

Open University:  The popular lifelong learning program of The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond, Open University, features volunteer instructors recruited from Richmond’s university and professional communities. Eight-week sessions are offered during the fall, winter and spring.

Lunch and Life: Lunch & Life is a four-week lecture series held in the fall, winter and spring.
It is free and open to the public.

Travel Opportunities:  When available the Shepherd’s Center of Richmond travels locally and long-distance with one-day tours and overnight trips.

Volunteer Transportation

The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond provides clients with free, round-trip transportation to medical appointments and grocery stores. Unlike a bus or taxi, TSCOR’s transportation is provided by volunteers who give clients personalized attention and door-to-door assistance.

The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond
5101 Monument Avenue, Suite 105
Richmond VA 23230
United States
Phone: 804-355-7282

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