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An estimated one-fourth of older adults report feeling socially isolated and one-third lonely—that’s why we work to connect more than 165,000 older adults with friends and community everyday through our Aging Forward Alliance.

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  • Alleviating loneliness

  • Challenging expectations of aging

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  • Living our best lives now

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Join 165,000 friends and counting

Connect with individuals and communities learning, growing, and serving together to enjoy the fullness of life at every age. Discover Aging Forward’s lifelong learning programs, health and wellness classes, events, activities, and opportunities that support living well.

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Your ordinary acts of kindness make extraordinary differences in the lives of older adults

Build a win-win sense of belonging and purpose.

Friendly callers to volunteer drivers, join thousands of Aging Forward volunteers who donate an occasional hour to daily support. Volunteers build friendships and stay active by giving back—and your ordinary acts of kindness make extraordinary differences in the lives of older adults.

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Provide office help, technology support, or board or committee leadership to develop programs that meet the needs of your community.

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Show your warmth and compassion by providing informal support to those who need a little help to continue living independently.

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Share your expertise by leading a lifelong learning or wellness class.

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Break down barriers by reshaping perceptions and promoting understanding of aging while working alongside others.

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Special Projects

Help coordinate and implement community fundraising or social events.

Most popular program free!

Start a volunteer driver program with our TurnKey Kit

Discover the Volunteer Driver TurnKey Kit–built on decades of experience and knowledge with Dr. Helen Kerschner, the pre-eminent expert in volunteer transportation. Everything you need to get started and operate a successful program is provided, ensuring mobility and independence for older adults in your community. The TurnKey Kit provides step-by-step information, education, and technical resources for new and existing volunteer driver programs to thrive.

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Become an Aging Forward Affiliate

Join the movement to support living and aging with vitality in your community—and be part of our growing Aging Forward Alliance! As pioneers in supporting and engaging older adults, we’re dedicated to supporting new and existing community affiliates. There are two ways to become an affiliate:

  • Start up

    Start a new Aging Forward affiliate organization in your community, we’ll bring 50 years of experience and help every step of the way.

  • Join forces

    Bring impact to your existing nonprofit community-based organization, operating with a similar mission of empowering older adults, and become an Aging Forward Affiliate.

*Affiliates who join together enjoy the same benefits as startups

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